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Meet the Doctor.

Todd Briley

Todd Briley
Inside the Shop
Todd and Val

Meet the Doctor, Todd Briley. Originally from Chicago, I worked in the automotive engineering field for 25 years and have been a gearhead since high school. I started restoring muscle cars in the early 90’s as a hobby and have dabbled in a little of everything over the years and since moving to beautiful CO in 2009 I’ve specialized in reconditioning Subaru’s and developed a following in NoCo fueled by referrals by being professional and honest, offering exceptional value and standing behind my work.

We love Subaru’s. All our children (that have stayed in CO) drive Subaru’s. My wife Valerie drives a newer WRX and I drive a JDM-swapped 98 2.5RS which we also both race in SCCA RallyCross. I managed to finish 3rd in my class at the 2016 RallyCross National Championship. With the momentum I have, it seemed the right time to say so long to my engineering desk job and follow my passion by starting my own Subaru business.

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