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The Doctor Is In.

The Subie Doctor specializes in reconditioned Subaru auto sales, repair and rebuilding services. With proper maintenance, Subaru's have been known to hit 300,000 miles but they often need some reconditioning work to achieve that milestone. That's where the Subie Doctor can help. This business was built on referrals by being professional and honest, offering exceptional value and standing behind our work. All our repairs and re-conditioning services are warrantied for 12k miles or 1 year.
We strive to offer the Subaru community with reliable and affordable vehicles via in-house inspections and repairs combined with no-haggle pricing to provide a stress-free purchasing experience. If you are looking for a daily commuter, a mountain snow beast, a car for college or your new driver, you can’t beat the safety and reliability of a Subaru. Check out our Sales Inventory for our current and coming soon vehicles.
The Doctor is in. Feel free to call, text or email for a repair or reconditioning quote or just some words of advice. Whether you just need a pre-buy inspection, a transmission replaced, some performance upgrades or want to swap in that STi engine you've been dreaming about, the Doctor can take care of you.

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