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Subaru Services

Reconditioned Subaru Auto Sales

 All of our Subies have been fully inspected and all issues addressed.  Many of our vehicles receive new head gaskets, timing belts and water pumps and some offer newly rebuilt engines with warranty.

Major Subaru Repairs

We specialize in large repair jobs such as:

Head gasket replacement
An all too common repair on Subaru’s.  Symptoms or a head gasket issue are an oil or coolant leak, oil in the coolant or most common, an overheating issue.  Anywhere from 100k to 200k, they will need to be replaced.  We only use premium Six Star head gaskets and re-surface the cylinder heads which is a critical step as Subaru heads do warp slightly which is the main reason for gasket failure.

Timing belt and water pump replacement
These are scheduled maintenance items.  A timing belt or pulley failure will damage the engine valves and make for a much larger repair bill.  Don’t put it off.  Most models require replacement every 105k miles.

Turbo replacement
Your turbo engine may last 200k+ but that turbo won’t.  If you suspect a turbo problem (odd noise, high oil consumption or leak), have it checked out before a failure damages your entire engine.

Clutch replacement
Clutch travel gotten worse, strange noise only when the pedal is out?  Let’s get that taken care of.

Engine replacement or rebuilding
Engine knocking?  We stock newly rebuilt replacement engines at very competitive pricing to get you back on the road quickly.  We also offer used engines for the budget conscious customer with new head gaskets, timing belt and water pump for piece of mind.  Rebuilt engines come with a 12k miles or 1 year warranty.  Used engines come with a 3k or 90 day warranty.

Transmission replacement or rebuilding
Automatic transmission starting to slip or manual trans gears starting to grind?  Maybe the front differential is binding in tight turns?  We can install a good used replacement or have your transmission rebuilt.

Minor Subaru Repairs

We also handle minor repair jobs such as:

Brakes squeaking or grinding or just don’t feel right?  We offer free brake inspections

Strut replacement
An often overlooked area, worn out struts can make a car bouncy and tend to sway in turns and during quick lane changes.  Bad struts will make a car unstable at highway speeds

Wheel bearings
Have a roaring sound from one of the wheels?  That a dry and worn out wheel bearing

Axle replacement
Axle boots crack and split and then throw all their lubrication grease onto everything around them.

Radiator replacement
Factory radiators are plastic which in this dry climate tend to get brittle and crack and Subaru engines are very sensitive to overheating and damage can be done very quickly

Scheduled maintenance
Want the Subaru scheduled maintenance done but don’t want to pay dealer service pricing?  We can take care of that.

Car running sluggish or gas mileage down? A quick tune-up will take care of that.

Emissions repairs
Failed an emissions test?  We have you covered.

Check engine light
That pesky check engine light on again?  It won’t go away itself, have us check it out, it might be a quick fix.  Colorado emissions stations will now fail a vehicle if that light is on.

AC service
We can leak test, repair and recharge your AC system

Other Subaru Services

Tire sales & service
We carry most tire brands and use the latest technology tire mounting and balancing equipment to protect your rims

Theft prevention
Subaru thefts are on the rise.  We offer kill switch and alarm installations

Vehicle inspections
We offer thorough pre-purchase and pre-road trip vehicle inspections for that piece of mind

Performance Upgrades
Whether you are looking for some bolt-on engine mods, suspension upgrades or an STi and JDM engine or full drivetrain swaps, we can help. We specialize in GC swaps.

New and used Subaru Parts

We offer OEM parts at below dealer pricing and with no city taxes.  We are unincorporated Adams county so our tax rate is a low 4.75%

We either stock or can find you quality and affordable used parts.  View our Used Part Inventory for some of our larger components.

Performance Subaru parts
We offer a full line of aftermarket go-fast goodies including:

  • AEM
  • Cobb
  • Grimmspeed
  • Kartboy
  • Killer B
  • Mishimoto
  • IAG
  • Whiteline
  • and many more…